Homeschooling and the Holocaust

Interesting blog post pertinent to homeschooling, the Common Core, and the German family. Those that do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

Homeschooling Wisdom from Chris Davis

As I write this post, a family from Germany is living in a town not far from me. They are seeking asylum in America for religious reasons: they want to raise and educate their children without German State interference. They are homeschoolers, something not allowed in Germany. Our government has gone to court seeking their deportation.

Many of you know that I spend several months each year in Israel, leading tours, mostly for homeschooling families. In Israel, the Holocaust is the ever-present backdrop against which life is lived. It is part of the Israeli educational fabric; ignorance of the Holocaust is not an option.

Yet, even among educated individuals, not everyone agrees as to how the Holocaust could have happened.

“What,” you may be asking, “Does the Holocaust have to do with homeschooling?”

The answer is “More than you could ever imagine!” A quick history lesson will make this clear…

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