Privacy and Online Security

I’m an avid Facebook user but I try never to post anything pertaining to my personal life and family. Facebook is continually changing its Privacy Policy and, frankly, nothing is ever truly “private” when posted on the internet. With the surge of identity theft, people focus more upon keeping their banking and credit card information safe than the mundane details of their lives, such as pictures of tonight’s dinner. Sometimes, those mundane details and routines create a larger security risk.


With the increasing popularity of social networking, many different websites offer you to sign in to comment using avenues such as Facebook. Even Google+ users can use their log in for comments on sites such as YouTube. Should one avenue, such as Facebook or Google, really have access to the bits of information floating around on the many websites that ultimately converge to identify you?

I’m positive that there is far more information about me than I would desire floating around in cyberspace. Information that I rather keep out of the public eye can be found if someone was diligent and persistent enough. That is a scary proposition! We are now living in an age where child predators and criminals are virtual and faceless!


Does this mean I will live in fear and close down all of my blogs and social networking profiles? No. What will I do? I will remain vigilantly cautious regarding what I post online. I don’t post pictures of my children or their names. I avoid using any GPS location services. When asked for my current city, it is left blank. I don’t have a birthday… not for social networking, anyway.

In this internet age, online security and privacy concerns will continue to remain in the forefront as a dark cloud hovering over the masses. While it’s not foolproof, careful analyses of what we post to blogs or social networking sites can help keep ourselves and our families safer. The old adage, “It’s a jungle out there!” not only fits adulthood, but online as well.


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