Simple: Not Complex

A few years ago, I had a virtual meltdown over the complexities of my life. From personal development to homeschooling my five children to meal planning, preparations, and shopping to the household management of cooking three meals a day, the barrage of laundry, and keeping up on cleaning schedules to… well, you get the picture.

All along, I was convinced that these issues were stemming from poor time management skills. The more I tried to “manage” my time (and the children’s), the more harried I became. It wasn’t until my best friend introduced me to “A Thomas Jefferson Education” that my eyes were opened to something the Lord had been trying to tell me all the while: Simple, not complex.

Look at the world of machines: from automobiles to dishwashers. The more complex the mechanism, i.e. the more moving parts, the greater the likelihood of a failure. We’ve had our share of failed appliances: refrigerator, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Some were fixed while others ended up at the transfer site due to the amount of damage they had caused. If we compare that to Creation, even though an ecosystem can be analyzed into many details and parts, it is still vastly simpler than its manmade counterparts are.


I’ve had my fair share of relying upon Man. It’s stressful, fearful, and always leaves me empty. When I rely upon God, when I’m following Him to my utmost, I experience peace, security, satisfaction, and fulfillment! Simple is peaceful; complex is chaos.

Simplicity can be applied to every facet of your life. In home education, I design simple courses to promote self-education for my now six children. Each child has his and her own bent and mission in life and all I do is to encourage them in those areas. In household management, we have purged most of the clutter, which saves time on chores. Do I really need all of those clothes? If it hangs in the closet for six months, it is time for it to bless someone rather than cause undue stress for me. Even such a small thing as this has cut down on the amount of laundry!

Simple, not complex. I didn’t say, “Easy, not hard.”


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