Part 2 of “Knowledge is Power”

Part 2 of my post for North Star Independent Homeschoolers has been published. It is now live on their site!

Click here to read about the first 3 myths of independently homeschooling high school and click here for the other 3 myths of independently homeschooling high school.

Be sure to check out the rest of the NSIH blog as well. Happy reading!


Return to the Blog

Summer in Alaska is officially over and fall/winter is here. Our summers are so brief and jam-packed full of activity that winter is often a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle. As summer concludes, I am returning to the blog-sphere.

My first, post-hiatus blog post is actually for the North Star Independent Homeschoolers blog! You can read part 1 of my post “Knowledge is Power” by clicking here. Enjoy!