College & Career Ready Standards: A catch phrase intended to goad the public into believing a lie.

The goal behind College & Career Ready standards is to prepare children to be global citizens in the new global economy. Global citizenship implies a global community, known as a One World Order. To have citizens of One World, what will be the governing structure? Will it be a Democracy? A Republic? Communist? Socialist? Will the new global economy consist of Capitalism and the Free Market or will it be controlled by the One World government in terms of socialism and/or communism?

The United States is still the freest nation in the world. No other country, before or since, has stepped forth with a similar Constitution or governing structure grounded in the beliefs that individuals are both unique and important. While it would almost be fantastic if the global community adopted the same foundations as our own nation, we all subconsciously know that will NOT happen. The United States was founded as a Christian nation: grounded in Biblical principles. These principles alone are contrary to the majority of other country’s religions.

So what will the One World Order look like? It won’t resemble anything that American’s hold dear. Most likely, we will be subjects of a form of socialism or communism. The individual will be sacrificed for the good of the collective whole. Children of the Common Core, the College and Career Ready “standards,” will be pigeon-holed into the lines of work that the “state” determines from very young ages through data collection. The “state” will dictate a child’s education to promote what the “state” has determined to be that child’s career path. STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) careers will be reserved for those that the “state” determines are worthy to work in such fields: worthiness is determined through academic performance, ability to follow directions with no opposition, and ability to conform to current thoughts and ideas without questioning validity. The class system will be magnified.

The elite class that also has its hand in the governing structure will likely control the global economy. Forget about IRAs and 401-Ks because retirement is NOT an option in the global economy. With the eminent risks of doomsday events, there is no need for “retirement.” What will happen when you can no longer work to benefit the global society? Don’t worry – individuals are of no value; you can easily be replaced by the next college graduate.

I’m not merely creating a scary scenario in regards to the global community. Similar agendas are documented throughout history. The idea of the One World Order is nothing new, either. It is found in the writings of H.G. Wells. What most do not know is that his last book, Mind at the End of Its Tether (1945), he stated that the One World Order is optimistic humanism and it isn’t going to work!

John Dewey is considered the father of modern education; he was a Humanist and co-author of the Humanist Manifesto (1933). Dewey followed the teachings of German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt; both men viewed children as animals requiring guidance, control and molding. After he visited the Soviet Union, Dewey wrote six articles on the “wonders” of Soviet education. Dewey’s writings preclude and greatly influence College and Career Ready Standards. Both have the same objective.

“Our major concern that the school should provide a purified environment for the child
… this means stacking the cards in favor of the particular systems of value we possess. We must
move to make certain every Progressive School will use whatever power it may possess in
opposing and checking the forces of social conservatism.”

“Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective
society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

“You can’t make socialists out of individualists.”

School curricula have been altered to purport the ideas presented in the Humanist Manifesto. This continues today in the form of College and Career Ready Standards. Here is an abbreviated version of the Humanist Manifesto #1 (

1. Man gradually emerged by chance from lower forms of life over millions of years.
2. Man creates god out of his own experiences.
3. Man is his own authority and is not accountable to any higher power.
4. There are no absolute rules to live by.
5. All men should be exposed to diverse ‘realistic’ viewpoints, including profanity, immorality, and
perversions as acceptable modes of self-expression.
6. All forms of sexual expression are acceptable.
7. Government ownership or control of the economy should replace private ownership of property
and the free market economy.
8. ‘Global Citizenship’ should replace national self-determination.
9. There is no hope of existence beyond the grave – no heaven or hell.

People and corporations such as Partnership for Assessing Readiness for College and Career (PARCC), Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), Next Generation, Planned Parenthood, inBloom, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, Linda Darling Hammond, Tides Foundation, and UNESCO all have ties in one form or another to the proliferation of global citizens through education system control under the auspices of College and Career Ready standards.

Patriots, lovers of freedom, anyone who believes in and values America and our American way of life should be opposed to EVERY FACET of the College and Career Ready standards known as Common Core State Standards. It is high time that Americans come together to take back control of our educational system and re-instill the values that America has held dear for over 237 years. Our freedom and continuation as a great nation depend upon it.


“Why Should I Be Concerned? It Doesn’t Affect ME!”

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) initiative has been around since 2009. I’ve been keeping my eyes on it and following it for quite some time now, all the while warning and informing our local homeschooling community. Even though we are “independent” homeschoolers, the spread of CCSS doesn’t directly affect us. I create my own curriculum so we don’t need to worry about which publishers are and are not aligned. While it does not directly affect US, it does have an effect on education in our nation as a whole.

In my efforts to warn and inform the homeschooling community in my area, I learned yet another invaluable lesson: people in general WILL NOT make a concerted effort for or against something until it personally affects them. The average response: Oh, well, that’s the Lower 48.  Alaska hasn’t adopted Common Core, we’ve actually rejected it, so we’re not too overly concerned about it.  Even when presented with the information that Alaska had NOT “rejected” Common Core, the stance was still indifference.  It seemed that everyone was under the assumption that such a thing could not possibly happen here. I failed to be able to make them realize that if it is affecting the nation, it is affecting Alaskans and we all need to care about it!

On April 19th, 2013, the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development announced that Alaska joined the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC). You can see the press release here. What is the SBAC? In short, the SBAC develops the electronic assessments, aligned to CCSS, so that students and teachers can better evaluate how students measure up to the Common Core State Standards. That far off idea that could never happen here just got real. No, Alaska hasn’t adopted Common Core, yet, but Alaska has gotten on board with the CCSS testing. All indifference has left all those people who couldn’t be bothered about it!  It’s now personally affecting them! A majority of the homeschool community utilizes programs offered through various public school districts. SBAC testing and Common Core does directly affect them — they’re enrolled in a public school district! When they “enroll”, they trade their homeschooling freedom for money. This same group gets upset when the state is looking to do the exact same thing. Pot… Kettle… I digress.

This issue needs to be on the minds of ALL citizens in this country for several reasons. First, when states adopt CCSS, they hand away their autonomy. In essence, the federal government is buying each state’s 10th Amendment right when it comes to education. Second, the scope and sequence of the Common Core is uncharted territory; none of it has been tried and tested thereby proving that it does or does not work. These states are agreeing to let the federal government experiment with children’s futures! The third reason that everyone needs to be involved is because these generations of experiments are OUR future! In reality, we are allowing experiments on all ages, races, and creeds of EVERY generation! The public education system has been in trouble for decades; Common Core is just the emperor’s new clothes. Public education was never meant to be the be-all-end-all of education. It’s high time We The People take back what is rightfully our responsibility.


This was written by my husband. I wanted to share it here.

What is a wife’s submission? The prevalent narcissism in today’s society prevents many from understanding this ideology. As with every aspect of life there is a better way, whether or not we choose the better way is up to us. Take this for an example: I know a person who took pills to lose weight and one that chose an exercise program and better diet. The one who took pills now has a damaged heart and the other is slim and healthy. There was a better way.

With the high divorce rates, suicide rates and domestic violence, don’t you think we need to find the better way in marriage? It doesn’t come easy like a pill, it takes work, but in the end it is easier than the alternative. First and foremost, it takes a man and a woman; like it or not that is the only way. My four-wheel drive truck has a transmission and transfer-case that are “Married”. These two parts are not the same part, they are not even similar, but they work as one to allow that vehicle to cross rough terrain, icy patches, sticky mud and much more. These two are married via an adapter and the transfer-case submits to the transmission. If either one doesn’t work, the truck is broken. They are not side by side nor are they reversed in order, for if they were the truck would be broken. I could marry two transmissions and the truck would have a lot of gears but not four-wheel drive. I could marry two transfer-cases but the truck would be very limited. So the better way is a married transmission and transfer-case that allows the truck to go down the highway, through the deep snow, across the creek and through the washout.

If you don’t like the mechanical analogy how about this one? A chair has four legs because it sits on level ground. Tripods, like stools, always have three legs because they need to stand on any ground, level or not. My wife submits to me; she stands behind me as my third leg. If we stood side by side the rocky ground would tip us, the gusts of wind would toss us and when the dirt and garbage was blown our way, she would be pelted the same as me. I am the two sturdy legs that can take the abuse; she is the third that provides the stability and who wipes the dirt from my eyes when the winds subside. I lead us not where I want to go but where we need to go. She follows, not because she doesn’t know the way, but because she trusts I will go the right way. When I stumble she catches me and when she falls, she falls on me. When I step into soft ground she helps me out and I find the solid ground again to lead her on, for I would never want to lose my wife to the quicksand. Two legs don’t work like this. Four legs don’t work like this. We are completely different but married via an adapter.

This isn’t my idea. I didn’t come up with this way; this is just the better way. The man must be a real man, the woman must be a real woman and Christ must be the adapter. It’s not a pill, it’s not easy at times but in the end it is the better way. It sure beats the bad heart or broken truck or being tossed in the wind.


Societal Burdens

We are trying to raise our children to be productive members of society. We are hoping to raise the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs on the heels of the current “entitlement” generation. There is no such thing as a free lunch and we want our children, especially, to know that there is a world out there in desperate need of accountability in the form of responsible adults.

EVERYONE that is not a productive and responsible member of society is a burden on society. It’s not about just providing for yourself or your family’s basic needs. It’s about a moral obligation to not be a burden on someone else and to leave behind a better place; something for your great-grandchildren.

So how does one not become a burden? One obvious answer is to avoid all forms of public assistance and pay your taxes. Another, not so obvious, answer is to search out ways to lessen the tax burden imposed by you. In an effort to explain what I mean, I will give three examples.


Automobile Registration

 You pay your biennial registration for your mode of transportation: car, truck, SUV, van, etc. You have paid for your use of public roads and bridges, including the maintenance and upkeep, for the duration of the registration period. The wear and tear your automobile puts on the roads and bridges is figured into that registration fee. By avoiding those registration fees and driving with expired tags, you’re burdening society with wear and tear on those roads and bridges that you haven’t paid for. It’s stealing. It’s dishonest.


Ownership & property taxes

Property taxes, while they may be outrageous, pay for EMS, police, and fire service. Many fire departments used to have a list of those who were current on their taxes and those who were not. If your house caught fire and the trucks showed up, but you hadn’t paid your taxes, they would watch it burn. That’s not the case anymore. If you don’t pay your property taxes, you are increasing other property owners’ tax burdens to provide your residence, and theirs, with these invaluable services. While you hope you won’t ever need to rely on these services, they are paid for when you pay your property taxes.



Communities have an obligation to insure that its members have access to an education so that they can get jobs for its own sustainability. This is the public education system. Obligation does not mean responsibility. It is not the community’s responsibility to see that every child attends a public school. It is the parents’ responsibility to see that their children are educated. Public education is paid for, in part, by property taxes.

For the 2012-2013 school year, the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District enrolled 14,264 students at a whopping cost of $18,091.92 per student! When it comes to property taxes, each student cost the borough taxpayers $3,709.53. The remaining $14,382.39 is from federal, state, and “other.” (Information obtained from I know that not everyone pays almost $5000 in property taxes every year, so if you are a property owner with only ONE school age child AND your property taxes are less than or equal to $3709.53, you’re already “upside down” and your child’s public education is a burden!

What can a parent do to lessen their children’s education burden? You can opt to send your children to a private school. Private school tuition is far less than the $18,091.92 that the FNSBSD spends per student. Far North Christian School charges tuition at most, $3850 to educate Pre-K and K, and $2800 per Grade 1 -12 student. They also offer discounts when enrolling multiple students. By choosing to enroll your child or children in a private school, you erase your children’s public education burden.

What if you can’t afford or don’t like private school? The other option is to independently homeschool. By taking full responsibility for your children’s education, whether you have one child or many, independently homeschooling means that you also take 100% of the financial burden. Our family chose this option. For our six children, we relieved $22,257.18 from our neighbors’ property taxes. ($3709.53 x 6) We erased their overall public education burden (federal, state, local, and “other”) in the amount of $108,551.52 for the 2012-2013 school year! ($18,091.92 x 6)

A society cannot bloom and prosper with thieving and dishonest ideologies. Every choice we make has an impact. Everything we do has both an immediate and a long-term effect. In choosing the moral high ground, you are leading by example. By choosing to be a responsible and productive member of society, you are not only relieving a burden, but also planting the seeds of prosperity for the next generations.

Pet Peeves: Toilet Paper and Socks

Pet Peeves. Everyone has them. They exist because something small highly irritates, annoys, and gets under your skin. Some of those small irritations have a merit in logic and reasoning. Others are completely irrational and have no substance aside from self-gratification.


A pet peeve of many has been circulating Facebook. You may already know the one I’m referring to. Which is the RIGHT way to put on a roll of toilet paper: so the paper will roll from the front or from the back?There are serious arguments over this!?!? Before I was married, I worked as a housekeeper at a local hotel. We were taught to place the toilet paper a certain way because the end was to be folded in a triangle. For the sake of my job, there was a right way. Years later as a homemaker with my busy household, I’m just thankful when someone (other than me) actually replaces the empty roll with a full one. The fact that toilet paper is there, within reach, should be a blessing in itself. My children’s successes or failures in life are not traced back to how they placed the toilet paper in the bathroom! Does it really matter which direction it falls from the roll? If today, a roll of toilet paper in your home is placed the wrong way, would you still be able to remember that and be upset ten years from now? Or does it really matter?

Since we’re on the subject of the bathroom, what about that toilet seat? I’ve taught my children to be courteous when using someone else’s bathroom: leave it as you found it. Some households prefer the seat up, others down. In my house, the toilet has a lid; please close it. In the event that the lid is forgotten, it takes all of two seconds to situate seat and lid for personal use. No big deal. The collapse or continuation of American society is not linked to how the toilet seat is positioned!


Having six children has created a few pet peeves that I did not have previous to my marriage. One of those is not wearing clean socks. If one of my children decides to wear the same shirt two days in a row, that doesn’t bug me (provided it doesn’t have yesterday’s meals all over it). But if that same child tries to get away with wearing a pair of socks two days in a row, I come unglued!

What’s the difference between a shirt and socks? A LOT!! Our feet give us a quick, overall picture of our health and wellness. Feet sweat! Some of our feet sweat more than others’ and that sweat contains toxins that our bodies are releasing. Did you know that your feet affect your taste buds? Don’t believe me? Go to the store and buy a tin of Altoids (R). I don’t advise getting Cinnamon flavored. When you get home, place one Altoid mint between your toes. Wait. It may be faint, but soon you will begin to taste that Altoid! Makes you wish you washed your feet before trying it, huh? 😉

Is my dirty socks pet peeve irrational? No! In ten years, my children’s health could be eroding because they don’t change their socks. By wearing dirty socks, they are not only risking their overall health, but their foot health as well. They may be more prone to Athlete’s Foot (fungal infection) or ingrown toenails that rather infect than heal. We could even begin to discuss the possible dietary implications due to poor foot health affecting the taste buds!


Pet peeves. Everyone has them. Is it worth getting bent out of shape over them? That depends on whether there is a rational or irrational merit to them. There’s a simple way to decide if you should make a fuss or not. If it is something that will affect you or someone else ten years from now, then be courteous and kind when you bring it to another’s attention. Make sure you plainly state your case, with factual evidence, without being critical of the other person. If it won’t matter in ten years, don’t worry about it! Your life is far more valuable than the stress created by pet peeve conflicts. NO relationship is worth destroying over something as silly as dirty socks, toilet paper, or toilet seats.

Simple: Not Complex

A few years ago, I had a virtual meltdown over the complexities of my life. From personal development to homeschooling my five children to meal planning, preparations, and shopping to the household management of cooking three meals a day, the barrage of laundry, and keeping up on cleaning schedules to… well, you get the picture.

All along, I was convinced that these issues were stemming from poor time management skills. The more I tried to “manage” my time (and the children’s), the more harried I became. It wasn’t until my best friend introduced me to “A Thomas Jefferson Education” that my eyes were opened to something the Lord had been trying to tell me all the while: Simple, not complex.

Look at the world of machines: from automobiles to dishwashers. The more complex the mechanism, i.e. the more moving parts, the greater the likelihood of a failure. We’ve had our share of failed appliances: refrigerator, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Some were fixed while others ended up at the transfer site due to the amount of damage they had caused. If we compare that to Creation, even though an ecosystem can be analyzed into many details and parts, it is still vastly simpler than its manmade counterparts are.


I’ve had my fair share of relying upon Man. It’s stressful, fearful, and always leaves me empty. When I rely upon God, when I’m following Him to my utmost, I experience peace, security, satisfaction, and fulfillment! Simple is peaceful; complex is chaos.

Simplicity can be applied to every facet of your life. In home education, I design simple courses to promote self-education for my now six children. Each child has his and her own bent and mission in life and all I do is to encourage them in those areas. In household management, we have purged most of the clutter, which saves time on chores. Do I really need all of those clothes? If it hangs in the closet for six months, it is time for it to bless someone rather than cause undue stress for me. Even such a small thing as this has cut down on the amount of laundry!

Simple, not complex. I didn’t say, “Easy, not hard.”