This was written by my husband. I wanted to share it here.

What is a wife’s submission? The prevalent narcissism in today’s society prevents many from understanding this ideology. As with every aspect of life there is a better way, whether or not we choose the better way is up to us. Take this for an example: I know a person who took pills to lose weight and one that chose an exercise program and better diet. The one who took pills now has a damaged heart and the other is slim and healthy. There was a better way.

With the high divorce rates, suicide rates and domestic violence, don’t you think we need to find the better way in marriage? It doesn’t come easy like a pill, it takes work, but in the end it is easier than the alternative. First and foremost, it takes a man and a woman; like it or not that is the only way. My four-wheel drive truck has a transmission and transfer-case that are “Married”. These two parts are not the same part, they are not even similar, but they work as one to allow that vehicle to cross rough terrain, icy patches, sticky mud and much more. These two are married via an adapter and the transfer-case submits to the transmission. If either one doesn’t work, the truck is broken. They are not side by side nor are they reversed in order, for if they were the truck would be broken. I could marry two transmissions and the truck would have a lot of gears but not four-wheel drive. I could marry two transfer-cases but the truck would be very limited. So the better way is a married transmission and transfer-case that allows the truck to go down the highway, through the deep snow, across the creek and through the washout.

If you don’t like the mechanical analogy how about this one? A chair has four legs because it sits on level ground. Tripods, like stools, always have three legs because they need to stand on any ground, level or not. My wife submits to me; she stands behind me as my third leg. If we stood side by side the rocky ground would tip us, the gusts of wind would toss us and when the dirt and garbage was blown our way, she would be pelted the same as me. I am the two sturdy legs that can take the abuse; she is the third that provides the stability and who wipes the dirt from my eyes when the winds subside. I lead us not where I want to go but where we need to go. She follows, not because she doesn’t know the way, but because she trusts I will go the right way. When I stumble she catches me and when she falls, she falls on me. When I step into soft ground she helps me out and I find the solid ground again to lead her on, for I would never want to lose my wife to the quicksand. Two legs don’t work like this. Four legs don’t work like this. We are completely different but married via an adapter.

This isn’t my idea. I didn’t come up with this way; this is just the better way. The man must be a real man, the woman must be a real woman and Christ must be the adapter. It’s not a pill, it’s not easy at times but in the end it is the better way. It sure beats the bad heart or broken truck or being tossed in the wind.